Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wild Animal Safari Park

There is a drive through wild animal safari park about an hour and a half from us. 

 On Friday, May 9, Julie and I loaded up the kids and checked it out.
 Our mentor mom was very profound when she asked, "Why would you do that?!"


It really was a fun day. 


 It was long - we were gone from the house 8 full hours, but it was a good trip.

 These are the zebras.  We didn't get great pictures of them.  I also got no pictures of the cheetahs and my rhino pictures are pretty bad, but we definitely had lots of animal exposure



I would say that it's not for the faint of heart.  Those animals get in your window!  And block your car sometimes.  It's a bit of a slow drive.

 There is a lookout at the halfway point where you can eat. 


It was really nice to have a break from the car.  The drive through the park (9 miles) is about three hours.

 There is a petting zoo at the stopping point, as well.  This is the only place you can get out of your car.


There were birds at the petting zoo, too.

We had food to feed the animals.  You throw it on the ground.

You are only supposed to feed the giraffes from your hands, but some of the animals grabbed the foods themselves.





We kept Jackson strapped in, but everyone else rode on my lap.  With the windows down.

 Abby used this toy of Katie's as a camera.  She dropped it at one point and Julie OPENED the car door to get it.  I totally would have let it go.



There were lots of deer type animals




And ostrich

 This picture still completely weirds me out because this ostrich reached in and stole a bag of food from Aaron's hand while he was on my lap and I screamed and Julie thought it was hilarious and it was not.  I'm scarred.  We all are. 

It was quite an event, but a really good day.  We kept telling the kids they were one and done, so they'd better see everything they wanted to!  We took our time and really got to enjoy all the parts of it.  The kids just loved seeing the animals up close and feeding them and they all had such a good time together. 



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