Tuesday, May 20, 2014

After the trip

Bypassing the vacation pictures takes up to Monday May 5.  I didn't take any pictures that day, so onto the 6th.

 I am a year away from being fully in charge of the prayer ministry at out church.  Right now I am working under someone and I helped her plan a Ladies Prayer Luncheon that we will do quarterly.  We decided to do a potluck and I got a little nervous about it right at the end, but it worked out sooo well.  And those pimento cheese sandwiches in the top picture?  I am becoming best friends with the woman who made them.  I do not lie.
 One Wednesday Aaron had a field trip at school to the Trampoline Park in Southlake.
 I didn't go on that one, but he had SO much fun.  He jumped without stopping for three hours, I believe. 


I really want a trampoline, but my husband won't let me,  Sad face.

 Abby had swim class while Aaron was on the field trip.
 On Thursday Abby wore this to school and I took a picture because I loved it so much. 

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