Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hill Country, Day One

 I finally started going through the pictures from our vacation the first week of May.  They are slightly out of order, though.  We take the kids to the Hill Country in Texas for a long weekend every Spring. This is the second year in a row that we've stayed at the same place.  So, we had a similar itinerary to last year.  We left early in the morning - as soon as the kids got up and we ate breakfast in the car.  We drove to Marble Falls and had an early lunch at the Blue Bonnet Café.



This is the view from the house we rented



 The kids loved climbing the ladder to the loft


 We flew kites in the afternoon


 Abby's didn't get off the ground, but she ran holding it yelling "It's working!  It's working!"


I beat Jory in horse shoes before dinner

We drove to Salt Lick for a fabulous dinner.  So worth the drive.





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