Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ecuador Day One and Two

 As I said in another post, Saturday was a travel day.  It was 16 hours from when we left our house to when we arrived at the hotel, so Sunday was a bit of a rest day.  We met our interpreters.  This is Anna and Drew who were on our team and our two interpreters, Abby and Diana.

We had breakfast, a church service as a group, lunch, a group meeting, the interpreter time and then we went to the store to get our supplies for the week.  Then we went to Las Marias, where we would be serving, to give out fliers about our Vacation Bible School.

Our church comes every year and a lot of the kids and adults recognized our group.  We work with a missionary there and we have the same schedule each year.  The families in the village look so forward to it. When we arrived on Monday, the kids were waiting for us.




This was our space for Snacks and Activities where Aaron and I served.


Aaron and his favorite interpreter, Milean.

Getting ready for activities.

The youngest group.






In the afternoon we drove to a church in Quito and did a service for the kids and gave out clothes we had brought.
 Aaron was in charge of toiletry bags.

 He was such a hard worker!


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