Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The last week or so

I've pretty much given up on Summer of Fun.  There are so many things we didn't hit, but we are spending the last week before school decompressing, regrouping and reading.  We have travelled a lot in the past 30 days and we are all tired.  There are some scenes from the past week.
 We finally got Abigail's Big Girl Bed put up and I found bedding that exactly matches the curtains, etc. from her baby bedding!  We also got rid of our baby gate which made us sad, somehow.

 We got free meals at Café Express for completing the library's Summer Reading Program and Aaron won the one prize that he really wanted, the biggest, baddest prize they had!  He loves his Monster Jam Grave Digger Remote Control!

 Abigail worked on bread making Old School Style
 We went to Ohio for three fast days.  Grandma Beth got us a cake because I love the cakes from the local bakery and because she loves to watch Aaron eat cake!

 Abigail got my old Minnie Mouse nightgown and a new math book.  She loves both!


Aaron got new shark PJs


 We got to see Leah at the park!



 Brunch at Bob Evans

A Minnie Mouse coat from Grandma

Jackson was here yesterday and the kids had SO MUCH FUN

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