Friday, August 28, 2015

This Week

This week was nuts! Y'all do not know.  The kids go half days the first week of school so that teachers can do individual assessments in the afternoons.  For the span of ever, this has meant that the Pre-school gets out at 10:30am and the elementary gets out at 11.  No eating at school the first week, just a couple hours of getting settled in and you're done.  I would go pick up Abigail at Rockenbaugh and be back before the Elementary Bus arrived with Aaron.  And Then.  Ten days before this school year began we received an email with a bunch of back to school information in it.  Tucked in there was a little tidbit that the times had changed for the first week.  Elementary would get out at 12 and Pre-school at 12:30.  Suffice it to say that a lot of people didn't see that memo.  Also, the cafeterias could not gear up a week early, so there was no lunch for Elementary.  We had to pack a snack, but it could not be anything in a package since it was being eaten in the classroom and allergies hadn't been assessed yet.  Pre-K was allowed to eat a packed, nut-free lunch.  The Elementary dismissed 15 minutes late the first two days which means I was late getting to pre-K pick up and was at the back of a 100 car line.  I do not lie.  There were kids not picked up at all (I kid you not).  There were moms at the wrong school at the wrong time.  There were bus drivers on the wrong routes and teachers confused.  Abigail's preschool pick up line had people coming from three different directions.  It was the epitome of a very bad deal.  And then we had assessments on the first two days and Aaron hadn't had lunch and was starving and we were running crazy because of the crazy dismissals and it was abysmal.  Every single one of my friends called me and said "This is a really bad week".
But on Tuesday I did make an apple cake

And on Wednesday Aaron was a little earlier (though Abigail's line was still an absolute nightmare) and we were done with assessments, but we did have dentist appointments and x-rays and they all went fabulous but cost a million dollars.  We were a bit in shock, but the kids' teeth do look great!

I don't know what this was from


This was Wednesday morning


A little pre-school tree climbing

Yes, my kids matched this week.  I am, in fact, a freak



Oh, sweet Thursday.  Aaron's bus was almost on time coming home and I was on time to Rockenbaugh and they had a teacher standing in the street directing traffic so there was only one line of cars.  And we didn't have assessments or dentists, though Sister had dance and Aaron went to gymnastics which he loved but we haven't decided if we are going to continue with it because it made the night quite a bit longer pretty late in the week.



FRIDAY!  Dragon green day. 
Aaron's bus was on time!  Abigail's line was manageable!  And we had no appointments!



Waiting for the bus on her Minnie Phone

Both kids had great behavior at school all week and we survived so we headed to Baskin Robbins this afternoon.


Woo Hoo!  Week One in the books!



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