Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer of Fun Days 63 and 64

Oh the summer is winding down and we really aren't doing anything except going to the library, but we are treasuring these last few days. 
 Yesterday I was making meals and the kids always fork the pie crusts for me.  Abigail made a design in hers.

We went to the library for a nature program and there was a real live alligator
 This was Aaron reading his one hundredth hour this summer!  He read the entire Magic Tree House series and moved to non-fiction which has filled our home with facts.


Yesterday we were super excited about free frozen lemonade day at CFA


 And my boss's first baby was born late last night
 And a last minute change was made to the early dismissal times for the first week of school and it was not a small change and it throws a bit of a kink into things when you have kids at two different schools.  Sigh.
 This morning Aaron read the nursery rhymes from my Mother Goose book from when I was very small to Abigail.  It was sweet.




And today we took Aaron to get his last drawing slip in the Summer Reading Program. 



And Abigail modeled a Dragon Cheerleader outfit.  I'm not sure there will be an actual Summer of Fun activity today, but it was a very exciting day for Aaron to finish the reading program.  We are so proud of him.

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