Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Details

I thought I'd tell you what we know regarding this little guy's brother or sister. First of all, we are thrilled to be blessed with a second child. I am almost fourteen weeks pregnant and the due date would normally be February 19. Since it will be a C-Section it will be scheduled a few days early. Right now it is set at Tuesday February 15.
I have felt great. I have actually had no symptoms with this pregnancy. It made me a little nervous, honestly. I really didn't have any symptoms with Aaron, but I did get tired which I have not this time. Also with Aaron I had food cravings (fruit) and food aversions (chicken) from the get go. I have had no changes in appetite, cravings or anything this time around.

We have had three sonograms with this baby which is more than we had with Aaron the whole time! We will have at least one more. Everything has looked good. I will say that this baby is a lot less active than Aaron from what I can see. The doctor had a hard time at every visit with Aaron to get a good heartbeat because he moved so much. When he was bigger he kicked the Doppler off of me at each visit! This baby doesn't get worked up over the Doppler and it has to be woken up several times during sonograms. That was never an issue with Aaron - they were always wishing he would hold still!

This baby's heart beat was 161 at the 12 week sonogram. I gained one pound during the first trimester. I gained six with Aaron! Of course, now I am chasing Aaron and I can promise you that I am a lot more physically active during my days that I used to be!

As far as whether this is a girl or a boy we have no idea and no preference. We couldn't guess if we had to. The Old Wives Tale Quizzes I have taken say BOY, but they said girl with Aaron...I know the Chinese Lunar Calendar is supposed to always be right (HA!) and it says BOY, but it said girl with Aaron. My dad says BOY and he swears he is always right and he was with Aaron, so it may be a boy. Sheri says Girl, but I think that's just because she wants us to have one of each. No one else has weighed in. Kimmie just wants to know so badly that it's killing her because she's got shopping to do. I don't think she cares either way, she just wants to know. I have dreamt twice that it is a BOY and I did dream that Aaron was a boy, so maybe...We have names for both, bedding picked for both and lots of of love for whichever God gives us.


The Skaggs said...

SO excited for y'all!! That's great! Praying you continue to have a great pregnancy. That's nice that you haven't been tired.

Robyn Beele said...

Congrats! I am glad you have had no bad symptoms! I am sure it makes you feel weird to not have any. Good luck with this amazing journey!

B. Meandering said...

Well, I'm not going to argue with your Dad---haven't ever won one yet! So I'll stay out of the guessing game.