Friday, August 6, 2010

Ohio Trip Days Two and Three

I didn't get many good pictures on the second day of our trip. We were at Dad and Sheri's all morning and Aaron was completely occupied playing with the Mega Blocks Grandma Sheri bought him. I really wish I had gotten some pictures of that. He was so intense! He also spent some time wrestling with Buddy the Dog. I missed those shots, too. While he was napping I took Peyton to gymnastics and then went back and picked up Aaron to go to Grandma Beth's. Aaron had a really good time there. He played with lots of toys and found some good rocks outside. When we got back to my Dad's, Eric and Jessica came over with Leah. Aaron and I had met her the day before, but we were so excited to see her again. She is just about the sweetest baby ever! And we had a nice time visiting with Eric and Jessica. Grandma Sandy and Don came by, too. It was a great evening. Day Three:

We were at Dad's all morning. Aaron played with Buddy again and worked on building his Mega Block towers. You can see one in the background here.

Aaron stayed with his grandparents while I got my haircut and met a friend for lunch. When I got back I saw Aaron just as happy as I had ever seen him! Grandma's agrees with him! After I took him to get his haircut Dad introduced him to the sprinkler.

So much fun!

Then we walked around the property and explored the pond.

That night all of the cousins except for Leah came back. It was so fun! Aunt Pam and Uncle Buck and Aunt Karen and Uncle Ernie were there, too!

Aaron giving Colton Five!

We had such a good trip! One more day to go!

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