Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Fun

This weekend Jory's Aunt and two of his cousins came in from Washington, DC. We had a Lobrecht Family Get Together at John and Kim's. It was so much fun! Somehow I didn't get pictures of anyone but Aaron, though! He was quite the social butterfly and let everyone hold him and play with him. He was quite the center of attention.

John had set up 'stadium seating' around the sand box so everyone could sit and watch Aaron doing what he loves the most.

When he's not in the sand box, though, Little Man has to have his life jacket on. I say it's because my heart can't handle him running around the yard without it. Jory's view is that Aaron needs to learn a habit now that outside at the grandparents' equals life jacket. Either way, he was bundled up.

He had such a good time in the pool! He was in there a long time with Daddy and Papa.

And then he and Sandie enjoyed dinner together!

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B. Meandering said...

Whatever the reason, I'm glad he wears a life jacket near the pool. He's too fast not to have one on.
I liked the stadium chair comment---doting grandparents--don't you love us?!
Let's start seeing some of that glow----that's a hint for your husband to take some pictures.