Monday, April 11, 2011

Black Beans for Lunch

Today is a weird day because I would normally be doing Aaron's Monthly Birthday Post. But at some point that has to end...he's not 25 Months, he's 2. But after 24 Monthly Posts I may have some withdrawal. Luckily I have Abby's Monthly Posts to do now!
In any case, Aaron is doing great. He's busy and so much fun. And he still loves those black beans!
He's not reading as much now (though he still loves books) because the weather has been so nice and he can dig in the dirt all day! He has three shovels and he loves them. But when the weather isn't cooperating you'll find him inside reading all of his books.
Well, I kind of did a Birthday Post anyway, but I'll try to stop.

1 comment:

B. Meandering said...

Such a happy boy! I'm so glad you just let him strip down and enjoy his lunch without fussing about clothes---you're such a good mother. :)
Keep updating us all you want--I'm always eager for info.