Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Pictures, Installment One

We have an unbelievable number of pictures from today. It is a bit overwhelming, so I'll get them downloaded in sets. The first one is all Aaron, but don't worry - pictures of the Princess are coming!

We went to Kimmie and Papa's and the first order of business was to "See Dots" (the cat). We are blessed that this cat is so patient with Aaron!

Then it was inside for Easter baskets. Aaron was so excited about the garden tools he got.

Then it was back outside to hunt eggs. Papa 'hid' the eggs that had been painstakingly filled with all kinds of fun things - including money! The problem was, the eggs were all around the sand box and Aaron had just gotten these garden tools that would be perfect for sand and there was no way you were getting him to hunt eggs!

It was disappointing, but we have many years to hunt eggs, so we gave him sand box time. You can see him here with a new trowel, a cup and some sand while the eggs go unnoticed.

Now we're to the good stuff!

And the real good stuff!

Speaking of food, I put several new recipes here.

We had a truly fabulous Easter and we look forward to sharing more pictures and stories from it over the next several days.

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B. Meandering said...

Next year Kimmie and John will know to hunt eggs first! :) Of course he'll have the princess who he will have to help find eggs. She'll be old enough to be toddlering around.