Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Buckets

I've gotten so many comments on the kids' Easter buckets! This is Aaron's and I absolutely love it! It is hand-painted. It has his name on one side...

And the same picture without his name on the other side.

The other two sides look like this.

Unfortunately, the girl who did this isn't doing them anymore! So I ordered Abby's bucket from the same place where I got Aaron's Christmas shirt.

It's a plastic bucket with a decal. They only had blue and pink buckets, but you could pick the decal. It's super cute, but I really like the tin and paint look of Aaron's! I would have liked to have two similar buckets, but Jory likes the fact that they are different. He said Aaron's looks like a boy's and Abby's looks like a girl's.

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