Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sweater Outfits

I absolutely adore this outfit of Abby's. I found it at Target when Kim and I went shopping after Christmas and I HAD to have it. At the time, I was convinced that Abby would be born early and this would be great for her Valentine's pictures. I spent every day after she was finally born trying it on her and waiting for her to grow into it. Now that it fits I put it on her every chance I get, which isn't a lot since we've had 80-degree days here. My love for this outfit reminded me of the sweater outfits Aaron had that I adored. He's a bit too old for sweater outfits now, but here is some nostalgia. This is October 2009. This outfit was my nephew Lucas', but he never wore it. Elizabeth gave it to us with the tags still on!
This is November 2009. I found this outfit at TJ Maxx when I was shopping with my Sister-in-law. I was going to get it for Aaron, but she bought it for him instead. I wore this out during the brief time that Aaron fit into it.

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