Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

The City of Grapevine had an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning. It was at Nash Farm, where we went a couple of weeks ago for Fun at the Farm. When Aaron found out where we going he kept saying, "Ride Horse". HA! Here he is with his buckets. He had a bucket for himself and one for Abby. He put every other egg he found in his bucket and every other egg he found in Abby's bucket so they each had the same amount. How sweet! Waiting for the hunt to start!
Aaron's bucket

Ooh! What did we get?!?


B. Meandering said...

ADORABLE!!! Who got the buckets? I know you didn't paint his name on that one--no offense--just know that's not your 'thing'. It's really cute. Could you post a pic of Abby's?
Also, ahem! Pictures of you soon, please?!
Was candy in the eggs?

Rebekah said...

The buckets are sooooo cute! Sounds like a fun day! How sweet of Aaron to evenly divide the eggs. If Cilla knew there was candy in them she would hoard them;)