Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sweet Boy

Aaron loves his sister so much! He is always asking to hold her. He gives her lots of kisses and hugs and he pats her chest when she cries. Awww! He was wanting me to take pictures of the two of them today and they didn't turn out very good, but I thought I should use them for my post about how sweet Aaron is.

When we were in the car today I reached back and told him to give me 'Five' while we were stopped. He did that, but then he said 'Hold Hands' and grabbed my hand. When I tried to take it away (because it's uncomfortable to have your arm stretched that far behind you) he said 'Hold Hands, Please). Oh my! I got tears in my eyes thinking of the day when he wouldn't want to hold my hand any longer. I let him hold it all the way home

He is starting to want to be held and he'll say, 'Hold Mama' when he wants me to hold him! Rebekah - isn't this what Cilla says? Doesn't it Melt Your Heart?!?

Aaron is so sweet and so full of hugs and kisses and so much love. He just makes my heart absolutely swell.

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B. Meandering said...

Loved, loved, LOVED this!

Please have Jory take a picture of you with the children on Sunday and if you can, get someone to take a picture of all of you. I'd so appreciate it.:) (I'll keep reminding you!)