Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Cards

Yes, cards.  Our Christmas Cards went out in three waves this year.  This was our main one, though this example is very beat up since Aaron and Abby love to play with it.
These are from pictures that Kristi took.  There is a family picture on the front and it says 'Give Thanks to the Lord for He is good.'  The inside has 'Our Blessings' with the kids ages and a Merry Christmas message.  I designed it with Kristi and she had it printed, but by the time she was ordering it, I knew that Erin was going to do some Chritmas cards for us.  So, instead of ordering 100 cards like I had planned to, I ordered 75 and sent out my first round.
These are the cards Erin made.
There is a front and back with a family picture on each side.  These went to round two of our list.
And then...the past two places that Jory has worked, no one (NO ONE) has sent Christmas cards to the other employees.  So, I really got out of doing that.  Then he started at J Taylor this summer and it became clear a couple of weeks ago that all of the employees send cards to each other.  So I got on my computer and printed these through Walgreens.  They were ready to pick up in 20 minutes and cost $20 for 40.  I actually got a lot of compliments on them at his work Christmas party which I think is kind of funny.

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