Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in Ohio, Day One

As is always the case, I am overwhelmed by the number of pictures from Christmas, so I will have several posts and they will probably be a little random.

We left in the morning on Friday the 21st.  Aaron was SO excited to go to Ohio.  He talked about it all week.  The first picture is him at the airport parking waiting for the bus to the terminals.  He loves the bus to the terminals.  The 2nd picture is Abby on the plane.  We had two seats on the left side of the plane.  Abby and I sat together and behind us were Aaron and Jory.  It was the same on the way back.  Aaron played his leapad the whole time and you wouldn't even know he was there.  Abby required more to keep her occupied, but she did quite well.  The flight there was uneventful. 
Grandpa Tom and my niece Peyton picked us up.  We had a quick lunch and the kids slept on the way home.  It was snowing a bit.  We had some time with Grandma Sheri when we got back to their house.
That night we went out to dinner with my brothers and their kids.

We had cake from my favorite bakery for my birthday.

After dinner, Doug's kids came to the house and we had play time.  My kids love the toys at their grandparent's house!

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