Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in Ohio, Day Two

In the morning Dad and Sheri took us to Bob Evans for breakfast.  I love these pictures of Abby and her Grandpa Tom.

After breakfast we did some visiting.  My husband called it the Allen Family Shock and Awe Tour.  We show up at your house, destroy it and leave a few minutes later!  HA!  It was a fun morning, though. We spent the rest of the day at Dad and Sheri's.

That night we met my brothers for a family Christmas dinner at the Country Club.  The kids all wore coordinating outfits and we took family pictures.  Which was fun if nothing else.  We had a fantastic dinner.
Then we went back to the house for Christmas!  This is the very first present Aaron opened.  It was from Eric and Jessica and he LOVED it.  He took it into the other room where he would have plenty of room to spread out.  He then proceeded to play with this Thomas The Train portable track and nagnetic trains while everyone else was opening presents.  It was about two hours later that he opened anything else.

Abby with one of her gifts.
It was such a wonderful family evening.  We really had a fantastic trip and Christmas!

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