Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Pictures and Words

These are pictures of Abby I was going to upload before I starting having problems.

I just like this picture of her.  It's hard to see online but it's a good shot of her blue eyes.
In her Ohio State Dress saying Touchdown when the Buckeyes went undefeated!
Pretending to swim.  She LOVES to swim.
Decorating for Christmas
After church
I was looking back to see where I last posted Abby's words and I think I skipped a bunch.  So here's what she is saying right now:  uh oh, oh, whoa, yes, bug (buh), duck, out (uh), hello, apple, yuck yuck (yeh yeh), broken (bow), bow, up (uh), open (uh puh), more, brother (brah), woof woof (woo woo), bird (bow), book (ba), bubble, no, dad (da), bus (bah).  That's 23.  Dad is funny because she calls for him.  Really, seriously calls for him.  Da! DAAA!  Da!

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