Wednesday, December 5, 2012


These are pictures I took in November and then wasn't able to upload to the Blog.

We had big plans for the weekend after Thanksgiving, but Jory ended up having to work, so the kids and I went to Grapevine Mills Mall for a bit on Friday.  I thought this was a good picture of Aaron.  You will notice Cat who has become a vital part of our family.  If you ask Aaron what his cat's name is, he will say Muffy, but he always refers to it as Cat.  And Cat does everything we do.  Cat makes me nervous.  Losing Cat is a scary proposition at this point.
This is Aaron acting really confused when I said, "No, we are not going to buy Chips Ahoy cookies in the checkout aisle at Walmart"  Really???
Cat is also here.  I love that he loves Cat because Cat is one of the things I have of my grandmother's and I treasure her memory dearly.  She had a cat that she named Muffy because she was white like a muff.  When my grandparents moved into a retirement home Muffy couldn't go.  Grandpa got my Grandma this stuffed cat and I have a picture of her holding it.  I got it when she passed and Aaron took it over almost at birth though it was recently that Cat became a constant companion.
Aaron wanting me to take his picture.  I keep meaning to post this about Aaron:  he has very good pronunciation and an incredible vocabulary.  However, there are a few words he doesn't say quite right.  It baffles us a bit since he can say Intestine just fine, but whatever.  He says PeyPo for pillow and SoSo for cereal.  He also says Regot instead of forgot.
Hi Silly Boy
Sunday after Thanksgiving is my official start of Dressing for Christmas.  YAY
Grandma Beth got Aaron this Christmas Train Vest and turtle neck.  Aaron is very, very into trains right now.
Aaron helping shovel leaves into a pile.

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