Thursday, December 20, 2012

Get ready for an onslaught

I decided to update the blog before we leave for Ohio and come back to all the Christmas pictures to sort through.  So I have several posts and lots of pictures from the last week.

Here is the past week of Dressing for December

Thursday December 13
This was an outfit of Kristi's.  Abby wears this sweater all of the time.  I really like the style.
Friday December 14
This sweater came from Kristi and it is probably my favorite.  Kim got these snowman leggings at Gymboree this fall.
Saturday December 15
Another outfit from Kristi.  It's a sweet velour top with ruffles.

Sunday December 16

Isn't this precious?  It's a white Rosalina dress with blue Christmas trees.  I love Rosalina dresses because they last forever.  They are already long and then they have a hem you can take out.  My very favorite dress in the whole world is the light blue smocked dress that Kathy gave Abby when she was born.  I have had her pictures made in it three times and she wore it on Easter.  It's a Rosalina and it is a 12 month dress, but she has been wearing it since she was 9 months old and will still be wearing it this Spring.  I got this one on clearance at Smock It To Me just a couple of weeks ago.

Monday December 17
This turtleneck has three Christmas ornaments on it.  It was Abby's cousin's.  The ribbon on the ornaments is the same material as these pants of Katie Grace's.

Tuesday December 18

I have, by far, gotten the most compliments on this dress of Katie Grace's.  We had Christmas pictures made in it, too.  The candy canes are on a strip of fabric that is held to the dress with those red dot buttons.  When you remove the strip of fabric, there are red hearts on the dress so that it can be worn for Valentine's Day, too. Grandma Beth got Abby this hooded cardigan at Old Navy this summer and we have been LOVING it this winter!

Wednesday December 19

This shirt was Abby's cousin's.  The material for the ornament string is the same as these pants of Katie Grace's.
Abby wore two outfits this day.  This was Kristi's.

Thursday December 20
Today was Abby's Christmas Party at school and she wore this Rudolph dress from Rosalina.

I got it on clearance this summer and I was so excited for her to wear it, but it is huge!  It is a 2T, but it is SO big on her.  I tried it on her this fall for Christmas pictures and it was way too big to wear then.  I wasn't sure if she'd get to wear it this year, but I'm sure she will next year!

She loves looking at Rudolph

And she loves showing people Rudolph!

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