Friday, March 11, 2011

Aaron's Day

Prepare for major Picture Overload as we follow the Birthday Boy through his Big Day!

First picture of the Day! I am sure he'll thank me for this some day! Notes: Aaron unzips his PJs when he gets in the bed. I think it's part of his wind down routine. He seems to really enjoy it from what we see on the video monitor. And, yes, he is in a Pack N Play in Abby's room. We were doing some room shuffling. He is back in his bed tonight. Combing our hair just right for the Big Day

SOOO happy to have the Cupcake Picture made. I swear this is the exact same expression he had last year. See the last picture on this post.

I told him I'd give him a cupcake for breakfast if he'd smile. Just kidding. I told him I would stop taking pictures if he would smile for one.

What he actually had for breakfast.

A little outdoor play on the way to the car. We had a 9am doctor's appointment to get to.

Aaron's Big Treat! Bagels are maybe his favorite thing in the whole world. He doesn't get them very often and they are very special treats. Today we stopped at Einstein Bros on the way to the doctor and got him a blueberry bagel. He talked about it all day.

Waiting for the doctor. The appointment went great. Aaron is 33 pounds and 37 inches. He is in the 97th percentile for height and the doctor projected that he will be 6'2" as an adult. That will put him 3 inches taller than his daddy and 7 inches taller than his mama!
He is healthy and got one shot and he didn't even flinch. Clearly not related to either Jory or I!

We went to Walmart to get a couple of last minute things for his party. The Party Hostess suggested I bring a DVD so I bought one. I chose Elmo because Aaron LOVES Elmo. But, ummm, Aaron's never seen a DVD so he thought this was a book. He kept saying, "Read Elmo". I kept telling him it wasn't a book and he kept saying, "Read Elmo" and trying to open the book. He thought it just wouldn't open because of the plastic and he was asking me to take that off so that he could open his book and read it. I have no idea how many times I heard "Read Elmo" on the way home. I'm not sure who was more frustrated.

We stopped at Old Navy where Aaron kissed the Dog Mannequin

We finally got home and Aaron resigned himself to the fact that I would not "Read Elmo". He then proceeded to use the DVD as a shovel for dirt. It had to be good for something, I guess.

Aaron got to choose his lunch and he chose a messy one, so we had to get naked afterwards.

After nap we brushed up on our Ansel Adams. We also got a phone call from Kimmie who sung to Aaron. Grandma Beth had called Aaron earlier from school to wish him Happy Birthday and Grandad and Mimi called in the evening. Aaron had good conversations with all of them. He also talked to his daddy on the phone and when I asked him what Daddy had told him he said, "Happy Birthday!". All day he told everyone he was two!

We had a little more outdoor time which resulted in a fall that should make all his Party Pictures tomorrow quite something.

Then we had dinner and a bath and daddy came home and had some One-on-one time with Aaron. It was a super sweet day and I think Aaron enjoyed every minute of it!

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