Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Closing out the year

Last year I turned the blog into a book documenting Aaron's First Year. I loved it and I love having that record to keep. I am also putting the Second Year into a blog. This will be the last post for Aaron's second year. Aaron is now officially a two-year-old and a very fun, sweet one! We can still take him places (he went to the doctor with me this morning) and be confident that he will be enjoyable. People comment a lot on how sweet and happy he is.
He knows his colors and tells you the color of EVERYTHING he sees. He likes to tell you the sounds for animals, too. If he sees a cat you can expect him to Meow. And if he sees a picture of a whale he will tell you that the whale ate Jonah. That's one of our favorites right now!

He LOVES his sister and wants to show her off to everyone. If you come to our house he will immediately drag you to where Abby is and proudly show her to you.
He has taken to pausing and saying Ummm...before he answers a question. Example, 'Do you want more applesauce?' 'Ummmm...no'. It's really funny to me. His daddy says it is good that he is deliberating and not making snap decisions. HA!

He is such a JOY. We love you Aaron Robert Allen. Happy Second Birthday!

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B. Meandering said...

I love him with the dog! I remember you telling in another post about him hugging and giving the dog a kiss (right?) in Old Navy. Such a cutie! Mike and I think when he's older he should have a dog. Ahem.
The last pic is my favorite of these, though---just love that facial expression---such a happy boy!