Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting Bigger

Yesterday Aaron had his last cup of whole milk. As I threw the carton away I got a little misty eyed. I can't believe this week will end the second year of Aaron's life. He is becoming such a big boy and I love it, but it does all go by so fast!
Someone else is getting bigger, too.

As of yesterday Abby has a belly button! And in continuing with the tradition of having little in common with her brother, she has an Outie Belly Button!

And as of today, Little Miss is three weeks old. We tried a bottle for the first time today and it was rejected. We'll try again tomorrow or the next day.

Things are going well in the Allen Household. We are getting into a bit of a routine and are starting to get things done. We also still have meals coming from our church which has been WONDERFUL.

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B. Meandering said...

She does look bigger! But her clothes are still roomy looking! Cute outfits. Long legs!
He looks pensive and almost sad in the second photo.