Monday, March 14, 2011

Coming Home

Two days after Abby was born we got to leave the hospital. It was a wonderful day. It was very low key at the hospital because we were going to be heading out. Dad and Sheri came and stayed with me in the morning and Jory went home to spend some time with Aaron alone. It was nice to visit and I know Jory and Aaron had a great time playing at home.
Around noon Jory came back and Dad and Sheri took Aaron to lunch. Jory and I ate at the hospital and then it was time for us to leave!

When we got home Aaron was asleep so Dad and Sheri were able to help us get settled in and I fed Abby before Aaron got up.

This was Abby's first picture at home right after she got done eating.

Then Grandma Sheri took over and I took at nap!

That afternoon we all visited outside. The weather was beautiful and it was such a relaxing day. We were blessed to have rested in the hospital and to just be able to enjoy our family when we got home.
It was SUPER nice to have help at the house. Dad and Sheri spent the night that night and we were so glad that things worked out like that. Having extra pairs of hands the next morning was invaluable!
Daddy and his baby girl at home!
I want to remember how wonderful Abby's birth was. Everything went so incredibly well and I have such warm memories of the entire week. I thank God for many, many answered prayers.

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