Friday, March 4, 2011

More Observations

A continuation of what our children do (and don't) have in common. Similarity: Abby hates to be naked, she hates sponge baths and she hates to have her diaper changed. The 'I am being tortured' cry is very similar.

Once Aaron was asleep for the night we were good to go. He would let us know when he needed fed, but he would quickly eat and fall back to sleep. It was very efficient and non-disruptive. Abby takes a long time to feed in the night and then she takes a long time to wind back down and she doesn't do it all that sweetly.

Abby doesn't spit up much. Aaron spit up a lot more.

Abby likes to be on her stomach. Tummy Time was a Nightmare with Aaron. Jory made me promise to never do Tummy Time when he was in the house because it was unbearable and our doctor forced me to fight through it.

Similarity: Both are such sweet babies. We can not believe how God has blessed us!


B. Meandering said...

Cute pics. It looks like he's studying her hand in that last pic.
Who gave you the lovely pink blanket?
When do we get the outfit review?

Rebekah said...

Abby is already getting big! I love her outfit! It is so precious to see Aaron with her! Darling!