Monday, March 14, 2011

The Next Day

I wanted to do a few more posts about the memories I have of Abby's birth - the days that followed so that we have good records.
The nights were very nice in the hospital. I fed Abby between 9 and 10 and then she went to the nursery. A nurse brought her in every three hours to nurse. She did really well and it allowed us time to rest. Jory slept pretty well the first night. For some reason I didn't sleep that night, but I did get to rest.
The next morning started with a headache that got pretty bad pretty quickly. By late morning it had been diagnosed as a spinal headache and we were trying to figure out what to do about it...the cure sounded as bad the headache to me as it involved more needles in my spine. But the alternatives were having a really bad headache for two weeks (!) or going home with a prescription of Vicodin. Neither of those options worked for me.
With the added issue of the headache and the normal morning doctor rotation, the morning was a little harried. Dad and Sheri brought Aaron up for a visit and Kimmie came at the same time and since the room was kind of full people kept taking Aaron out in the hall and I didn't get to spend the kind of time I wanted with him.

I asked Dad and Sheri to bring Aaron back in the afternoon for a short visit and asked the nurses to let us have uninterrupted time with him. They were so nice to comply and it was a great visit. We thoroughly enjoyed having time with both of our children.

After the visit Aaron got to go eat at Outback. I hear he was an angel!
After they left I asked Jory to pray about the headache. I really didn't want any of the options laid out to us, but I also couldn't handle the headache. My husband aggressively prayed that the headache would leave me and it did - immediately. It was an amazing moment. God is good and I am so blessed to be married to a prayer warrior.
That evening Papa John came by and held Abby for the first time. I just love this picture.

That night was very good. I was getting around very well and with the headache gone we were going to be able to leave the next day (a day early). I was so excited to get back to my other baby. I slept well that night and Abby continued to do well with her every three hour feedings.

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Spicy Magnolia said...

A day to remember God's faithfulness for years to come!