Thursday, March 3, 2011

Differences (and a few similarities)

I have said that Aaron and Abby are so different in SO many ways...and right from the start! I want to record this stuff so that I remember it, so here are the differences I can think of right now (I know I'll forget some).

Abby poops A LOT. A whole lot. I really thought it wasn't normal, but apparently it's fine. I remember being concerned that Aaron didn't poop enough. This time I was concerned about the opposite.

Abby likes to sleep on an incline. Aaron was fine flat on his back.

Abby sucks on everything. Any chance she gets. It doesn't have to have anything to do with hunger, she's just got a good suck reflex. Aaron would not suck on anything! He actually wouldn't put anything in his mouth which was a good thing until it was time for him to eat on his own! Aaron refused a pacifier and it was a time getting him to take a bottle and he never took a sippy cup. This difference has made Abby a better eater from the start. She latched on immediately and hasn't looked back. She regained all of her birth weigh plus some during the first two weeks and Aaron didn't come close. She also gets much better feedings so goes a lot longer in between them than Aaron did at this point.

Aaron didn't rest much during the day but slept for long stretches at night right from the beginning. Abby would LOVE to sleep all day and eat all night. We're working on that and most days we are doing pretty well, but we have to wake her up during the day.

Similarity: Both love to be swaddled tightly. Both would wake up screaming if they got an arm out of their swaddle during their sleep.
Abby doesn't care much for the bouncer. Aaron LOVED it.

Abby likes to be held a lot more than her brother did. This is unfortunate for her since we've got the distraction of a toddler that keeps our arms busier than they were when Aaron was a baby.

Abby doesn't care if you mess with her eyes. You can use a wet wash cloth to clean her eyes - even if she's sleeping. You can actually just use your fingernail to scrape off mattering around her eye. She doesn't care At All. Oh my word. I can not tell you what Aaron would have done if someone put a fingernail anywhere near his eye. Some of his most memorable fits occurred when someone tried to clean his eyes. He had a blocked tear duct, so for months there was always mattering around his eye. For some reason that I still can not fathom, people felt like it would be appropriate to take a dry burp cloth and try to clean this tiny baby's eyes. If Jory or I didn't catch them fast enough these well meaning people would quickly regret this move. Aaron would scream for 20 minutes if someone tried to clean his eyes. So they just looked gross for about six months and we spent a lot of time slapping people's arms away. Fond memories there.

Similarity: I think Abby has a blocked tear duct, too.


B. Meandering said...

LOL on that last comment:". . .spent a lot of time slapping people's arms away. Fond memories." I can just hear your voice.
I didn't realize that.
As for the day and night sleeping, Abby is like her mother in that aspect. If you slept AT ALL you much preferred day time and thought night time was play time.
Papa Bill talked about what a good mood you were in at 3 am and how he wished he could be 3 pm!(That's when they and my folks kept you because I was seriously sick with mumps.)

Such cute pictures esp. of the little man loving on his sister.

Spicy Magnolia said...

Loved this post! They are precious together!