Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blue Bonnet Pictures

In almost two decades of living in Texas, I have never taken a single picture of a blue bonnet.
Even after having children I have abstained from the 'mandatory' annual picture of the kids in blue bonnets.

My photographer friends do blue bonnet mini sessions every year and I always pass.  But my friend Brittney uses a photographer that she absolutely swears by.  She has used her for years, so she lives over an hour from here where Brittney used to live.  A long time ago I won a photography package from the photographer on Brittney's blog.  I never used it because of the distance and because I have photographer friends here.  But she emailed me last week and asked about doing a blue bonnet session.  I tried to remain opposed to the norm, but Jory was interested, so the kids and I drove to Plano one night last week.  These are just pictures with my phone, but...

This is the first picture I've seen from the photographer and I love it!  She did a great job and, honestly, it was the best photography experience I have had.  I told Jory it would definitely be worth the drive.  I can't wait to see the rest!


Anonymous said...

Love them!!!!!

Love, Dee

Laura said...

oh my goodness! That last picture is absolutely beautiful!!