Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

 I started cooking Easter Dinner early in the week.  A lot of the items could be done ahead so I'd sneak one in during nap here and there.  This was the Carrot Ginger Puree that was so good.  Abby loved it.  I made it in a blender and she said "Carrot milkshakes make my tummy happy"
Aaron set the table the night before Easter.  Kim gave me the flowers!

 Aaron and I were greeting during both services so we had to leave early.


 I set almost everything out before we left.  I made the Easter Dinner menu in last month's Southern Living.  The only change was they had cookies for dessert and I substituted the Strawberry-Lemonade cake from the cover.  And I added deviled eggs that Kim brought because I don't like to make them.
 So, it was Sweet mustard ham, herb-parmesan rolls, carrot-ginger puree, asparagus with snow peas and chow chow, hot potato salad, orzo with peas and herbs, deviled eggs and Strawberry-lemonade cake.  It sounds like a lot, but we really didn't have a ton left.  I made Jory's grandparents a couple of plates and we probably have another meal.

 Everyone seemed to really like everything!  And we had a great family day!


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Anonymous said...

It was a blessed Easter indeed!
Thank you Sara for the wonderful lunch.
We love all of you, Dee & Papa