Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Week

Easter is my favorite holiday for a lot of reasons - some of them deep and meaningful and others more surface level.  I have always loved Easter and held it as my favorite holiday.  And Good Friday is Hands Down my favorite day of the year.  The powerful significance of that day coupled with spring in the air and husband off work and farmers markets open - heady stuff!

We had a wonderful time celebrating this week with friends and family.  The kids always get fun packages and gifts for Easter - it's a little like a toned down Christmas for them.  And, of course, the Egg Hunts are such fun.  Abby was VERY into hunting this year.  Three is such a fun time for that sort of thing.

 Thursday Abby had an Easter Party at school.  She wore this cute bunny outfit I got from one of my friends and she decorated bunny cookies that I got (with all the fixings) from my favorite cookie lady!

 She loved this craft!
After craft they had an egg hunt outside.  Each child brought 12 stuffed eggs and got to get exactly 12.

 These eggs were super fun because they couldn't have candy in them.  So Abby came home and opened each one and oohed and aahhed over every single trinket.

 On Thursday I started making Easter Dinner.  I LOVE to make Easter Dinner and I'm super excited about the menu this year!

 We also got 'Egged'!  We got twelve eggs hidden in our yard (with a note on the door).  One of the eggs was empty to signify the empty tomb, but the rest had fun treats.  Aaron ran out to find them after his nap.  Ignore the fact that he's not wearing any pants.  (He does have on boxers).


After that we dyed Eggs with Kool-Aide.  Grandma Sheri posted this on Facebook and we tried it.  It worked great and was super fun and easy.  Each packet of Kool Aide was 20 cents!  You mix a packet with 2/3 cup water and dye away.  We made a rainbows worth.  Aaron loved it.  And they dyed really quickly which was good for the impatient.





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