Thursday, April 3, 2014


I have taken hardly any pictures recently and they've all been awful because they are with my phone, but in the interest of filling the dead space, here they are.  Above is a baby shower I hosted for Kelli Tate.  The Cakery did her cake and it was so good! 

Above is Abby at a play date at Central Market.  I was so confused as to what she was doing.  Below is her in her night gown and slippers and crazy hair after nap which is exactly how we took her to World Market and no one even looked at her twice.

 Aaron taking selfies and not quite having the camera angle down

 The apple pie I made because we were supposed to bring breakfast to Sunday School.  What would you bring?
 The gazillion pounds of meat I bought Saturday morning before I made and froze forty crock pot meals.  Which have been great, by the way.
 Abby reading fly fishing books with Jory
 Lunch at Bubby's school.  Which will be her school next year.  Which is nuts.
 Boat safety in Aaron's swim class
 Abby after a rough day at school.  Apparently, her shoe came off while she was running on the playground.  It tripped her up and she fell, sliding, across wood chips.  She is so beat up, but she didn't miss a beat!


Starbucks before school!  This dress was Abby Golz's and it has a puppy on it.

 Boat safety in Abby's swim class

 Abby playing make believe.  She had a whole thing set up.

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