Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Five things going on in our house right now

 1.  Aaron has started reading.  He has a lot of sight words he recognizes and he is sounding out words.  It's still limited, but it is amazing to us.  He was looking at his Monthly Interview from last month and he said, I said my favorite animal was a zebra.

2.  Abby is extremely animated.  All the time.  About everything.  This is especially fun in public.  Strangers are smiling to themselves in the grocery store as she is chirping about whatever such thing.  She always has something to say and her expressions are priceless.  Tonight as she was putting on her tutu that she sleeps in over her PJs she said, "Do you know what the word Tu Tu means?  It means you are a princess."

3.  Jory's grandmother, Big Mom, passed away a week ago today.  It was expected but still very sad.  She was an incredible woman.  It was a wonderful thing to see so much family this week, though.  Kim kept the kids for a couple of days while we went to the funeral and other things.

4.  Aaron is extremely into making up animated stories while he plays with his toys.  Mostly his two fighter jets from Planes, but other toys, too.

5.  Aaron and Abby really play well together.  Obviously not all the time, but they do enjoy each other and they enjoy the same things.  I love to listen to them playing together and watch them outside together. 

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