Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Let the catch up begin

Bless my heart.  I downloaded over 100 pictures off my phone from the last week.  This is Abby at Aaron's swim last week.  Her glue came off last week and her chin looks great.  It looks so small!  Which is good, but funny.  Everyone who saw it when she fell assures me it wasn't small...they just did a really good job with it and it's healing well.

Lunch at Aaron's school.  I have eaten lunch with him once a week all school year.  He and I both look forward to it.



Aaron pulled out one of my games - it's bingo with cards and he plays it ALL the time.  He is so good at calling out the names of the cards and he helps Abby to see if she has the card.


At the beginning of the school year the kids made a piece of art and then at the end of the year you could order it on a coffee mug or any number of other products.  Aaron wanted to wear his on a shirt!  You can't see it very well, but it's a rectangle of colors (he calls it scribble scrabble) and then his painted hand print on that with a heart in it.  His name and year are on it.  He is SO proud of this.

 Grandma Beth and Grandpa Mike sent the kids the coolest present!  Huge monogrammed beach towels. 
 Aaron got Planes and Abby got Minnie.  (And Minnie flip flops).
 They love them so much they've been sleeping with them!


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