Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Take me out to the ball game

 We took the kids to their first base ball game last weekend
 It was a TCU game and it was so fun!
 We had planned to go anyway, but the Faculty Picnic got moved to that game, so we got special treatment!

We got free parking, free tickets, free dinner meals and all the popcorn we wanted!

 Aaron loves sports and he is so interested in all of it so this type of thing is so fun to take him to
 Abby loved the music that played between the batters.  She would stand (just like in the above picture) holding the rails, but when the music started her little feet did a jig!  There were several older people beside us and they just laughed!  One gentleman said, "you've got yourself a real live wire there."  Yes, sir.  I know.

Our kids are at such fun ages!

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