Wednesday, March 4, 2009

40+ Weeks

We finally took the 40 Week Tank Top Picture to complete our pictorial. It is below. As far as an update, we obviously have seen the due date come and go. We are about to see the day after the due date come and go. There have been no changes. The baby's a little lower, but hasn't dropped. I have had ZERO contractions this week. I feel fine and there's nothing to indicate that Little One is ever coming. However, I still firmly believe that this baby will be born without being induced, so we are looking at a 'suddenly' in the next several days. In any case, this time next week we will have a baby - one way or the other. Can you believe it? It some ways it seems like we have been waiting so long and in other ways I am amazed that it is here already!

I am so excited to meet this precious miracle, but there's a part of me that is sad to see pregnancy end. Especially this last part that has been so comfortable. The baby is moving constantly which is reassuring, but not kicking which is a bit of a relief. The position of Little One is perfect for me and I have just been enjoying these last few days with him or her as a part of me.

Being off work has been very nice. I haven't gone stir crazy yet. I had stacked up several books I wanted to read and some projects I wanted to work on and it has been wonderful to have the days to myself to complete all of that. My husband, on the other hand, is going a bit stir crazy. As he mentioned, he had cleared his calendar for this week not knowing when he would be leaving work. As such, work has been quite boring for him and I think this week has been harder for Jory than it has for me. I'm comfortable and content. He's bored and anxious!

For the most part, I am just overwhelmed by God's goodness and the fact that this new life will arrive any day now. It is amazing and beautiful and I am thrilled to be a part of it. We just can not wait to meet this baby!

We go back to the doctor Friday and will let you know if there's any news. If nothing's changed and nothing happens before Tuesday night, I will check into the hospital on the night of the 10th and be induced on the morning of the 11th.
That's all for now. We'll keep this site updated with any news. And we think the hospital has wireless internet, so we should be able to update some from there - whenever we are there!

And here's the final picture - me at 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant with a very comfortable baby:


tara said...

hi sara! love your last belly picture! you definitely have that proud mama glow! :) i can totally relate when you say it's a bit sad with the pregnancy coming to the end. it is such a special time when you have them all to yourself. best wishes, i'll keep you and the baby in my prayers! -tara

Melissa and Sean said...

I am starting to feel a little sad myself when I think about that mine is about to end as well. I am not as comfortable as you are with 2 with my belly, so a part of me is just itching to get these two out of me. So funny that we will be in the hospital at the same time if neither one of us go before then. You are in our prayers and we cannot wait to see what your Little One is. Good luck and God Bless! Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Looking Great!!! You've got that glow! Love ---mom