Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two Week Recap

Aaron is two weeks old today and he got his first birthday card - from Kimmie and Papa John! It was too cute! Here is what his first two weeks have consisted of. (I'm picking from the over 100 pictures I've taken in his first two weeks. Don't tell anyone.)

This was taken in the operating room as soon as he was born. I love this picture, but maybe it's something only a mother can love? Jory did such a good job of documenting all of the moments I missed at the beginning and I just fell in love with these early pictures.

This picture cracks me up every time I look at it. The grandparents have been waiting so long for Mr. Aaron's arrival and all they could do was stare! I think it's adorable.

And here's the reason the grandparents had to stare from afar. Daddy was not letting his Little Man go. He just held him and stared at him oblivious to the fact that anyone else was in the room. He still does that! I love it!

Here are some good grandma pictures - after I convinced Jory to let someone else hold him!

And moving on from his first day, here's Aaron in his coming home outfit.

And here he is at home. Doesn't he seem excited about his room?

Here he is at three days old with his cousin Meredith. How content is he? I think we have a babysitter!

Big day out to the doctor.
First holiday!

Sucking up to the people who can really spoil him...

One week old

Ten days old with Grandma Beth from Ohio

Just being cute. I had to get more pictures in his Coming Home sleeper because he has almost outgrown it!

Using the Tummy Time mat for photo ops since using it for tummy time just makes him mad

On the way to get the PKU Test. What a horrible experience - for Aaron and for Mama!

AND...Two Weeks Old Today!


Laura Ann said...

He is so cute...thank you for sharing.

Spicy Magnolia said...

I love the "What's not to love?"'s perfect!

Anonymous said...

Great blog. He is sooooo cute and I miss holding him.

Love--his grandma beth