Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mama Update

So many of you have asked how I'm doing, so I thought I'd do an update, but I'll pepper it with lots of pictures of Aaron for those of you that just come here to see his cuteness (and I don't blame you!). This is Aaron at ten days old with his great-grandmother 'Big Mom'.

I really am doing quite well. Physically, I still have some discomfort and I am off all medication except for Motrin, but I am not in pain. I can do almost everything now, but will still be restricted on lifting for a few more weeks. I can carry Aaron fine as long as he's not in a carrier, bouncer, car seat, etc. I should be able to drive starting tomorrow and that will be very nice. Of course, I can't take Aaron anywhere, but it still seems so freeing to know that I CAN drive! Here's a photo op in one of his cute outfits with his first monogrammed item! Angela from my Sunday School class brought this wonderful blanket for Aaron!

Physically, I was very blessed. I never felt the pain that my doctor and nurse assured me that I would. Getting Aaron out of me was quite an ordeal and was rather uncomfortable even with the spinal. I was told to expect debilitating pain and that never came. I actually never experienced more than discomfort when medication would be wearing off. All in all, Aaron's birth was such a good experience. With the exception of nausea from the anesthesia, it was a breeze, and even that wasn't bad. God did watch out for me and definitely showed me that His ways are better than my ways!
Mimi and Grandad think Aaron is the greatest!

Emotionally, I had a little harder time, though less than two weeks after Aaron's birth I can say I am back to normal and on even keel, so even that wasn't bad! On the one hand, I would say that hormone overload is a very real thing, but on the other hand I'm not entirely sure that's it. Jory and I spent three nights in the hospital and during that entire time he slept 7 1/2 hours and I slept about 1/3 of that. So, coming home we were exhausted and we had experienced SO much stimulation! Nurses every 30 minutes, doctors, specialists, meal deliveries, hospital personnel just checking on our experience, you name it. We were so ready for some down time. SO, I think we were both on edge our first week home and I don't know whether that can be blamed on hormones for me or on running on overload. In any case, I did struggle to not get frustrated too easily and I often failed which made me feel horrible. I hated not feeling in control of my emotions. That was definitely the hardest part of having a baby for me. But I felt myself snapping out of that this weekend and I really do feel good now.

I've lost 25 of my 35 pounds, but I guess that comes with having an almost ten pound baby. I can't exercise or diet for a while, so I may need to get comfortable with the last ten pounds. I'm back in my pre-pregnancy clothes, but they sure don't look like they used to!

As far as life with Aaron, it is very easy. I am sleeping eight hours a night! Honestly. Though, of course, it's not all at one time. I feel very good during the day and have not needed to nap. We do go to bed super early, though, which is how we are getting all that sleep. We're in bed between 7 and 8 and I fall right to sleep. Immediately. Jory has a little harder time dosing off when the sun's still up, but he gets a little extra sleep time when I'm nursing.

Aaron is a very good eater and nursing came quite easily and naturally to both he and I. I have started to pump to ensure that he'll be able to eat when I'm not around him and that was definitely not natural, but after several phone calls to Jory's cousin I've got it down.

Aaron is an awesome sleeper. At night he goes 3-4 hours at a time. He generally won't go to sleep without being held, and that can take up to an hour, but once he's down we are good to go. The days are harder than the nights. He has more fussy times, but they aren't horrible and they aren't in the middle of the night so we are - once again - counting our blessings.

All in all, things are very good in the Allen household. We are getting to know Aaron and he is trying to get used to the fact that we are apparently not going anywhere! We are truly enjoying our son and the blessings that God has bestowed upon us. We are so grateful to all of you for keeping up with us and constantly checking on our well-being. We love you so much!


Jenna said...

I am so glad all is well! The hormones are a very hard thing to get used to...once we finally got Brayden home it took me a good 2-3 weeks before I started feeling like myself again. It will keep getting better, I promise!

Anonymous said...

It's always an uneasy feeling of not being in control but with time you will master it and you'll realize that with children, most of the time, you can't be in control anymore b/c your life will be dictated by them and their needs. Just try to flow with it each day rather than trying to have a plan and then you won't get as frustrated. All will settle down and your routine will level out once he sleeps thru the night and some normoralcy returns. It's all about him now and will be for the next 18 years!! Ha. Love to all. Grandma Sheri