Monday, March 2, 2009

I Made It!

Forty weeks come and gone! I worked all the way through my nine months of pregnancy, though I did take half days the last week. I am now officially on Maternity Leave and officially carrying a full 40-week old infant. We will take one last tank top shot tonight to add to my collection, but pretty soon all the pictures should be of Anna/Aaron (and aren't we anxious to find out which it is?)!

I spent a lot of time last night thanking God for the blessed, EASY pregnancy I had. I sloughed off on my thankfulness during the two months that Little One lived under my bruised ribs and I know I shouldn't have. When I thought last night about all the things that didn't happen, I was humbled. No morning sickness, heartburn, indigestion, stretch marks or popped out belly button. No pre-term baby, no bed rest, no rushes to the hospital or frantic calls to the doctor. We really made it through this whole time without having worry about anything. I know that is such an amazing blessing from God. I didn't even have back pain or leg cramps enough to speak of and I never craved anything except fruit. Jory and I were just talking the other night about how he escaped middle of the night runs for ice cream!

After I spent a lot of time glorifying God's name and thanking him for these blessings, I boldly prayed that His goodness would see me through a labor and delivery as uneventful as my pregnancy. I prayed fervently that God will bring Little One before induction is scheduled and that interventions will not be necessary. I prayed for health for Little One and for myself. And I believe that the Lord will provide. I know that He is able to do exceedingly above anything I could hope or ask and that with Him all things are possible.

We will keep you posted on our status. As of now, Jory's working normally and I'm at home resting. There's no sign that anything is happening, but I feel good and everything is well with us. We are definitely getting anxious to meet Little One, but we know that we have, at most, a little over a week.


Spicy Magnolia said...

Isn't the Lord great, Sara!? Oh, my, how we both have been/were blessed with wonderful pregnancies. And I know the Lord will demonstrate His power, faithfulness and grace to you in delivery. I can't wait to hear about it and to meet Anna/Aaron (love the names!!). Anna now seems to seem to trigger something in me...could Little One be a girl!? :) :) Congratulations on making it to 40 weeks! What a special post this was to reflect on the Lord's goodness to you and in anticipation of all to come. Blessings!!

Harris Family said...

Oh I know all to well all of the emotions you are experiencing! I, too, am very anxious about what lies ahead. I almost had a panic attack last night thinking about how life really NEVER will be the same. But, I know that this time next week, our hearts will be filled with so much love, it will not matter one bit! I loved your post about thankfulness. I have also tried to really thank God for the easy journey this has been. We are so blessed and hopefully will continue to be. I never thought I would survive nine months of being pregnant, but I can! Just like I can survive labor and delivery...the Lord will be in that very room with us! I can't wait to see pics and know if it is an Anna or an Aaron!!!