Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Updated Plan

Well, the Cervidel was in overnight. The nurse and doctor both checked Sara this morning, and we have no dilation. The doctor said we could try the inducement medicine and just see if it would do anything for Sara, but neither she nor another doctor were optimistic. She opted for a c-section versus a likely failed induction. We would have probably wound up in a c-section this evening after Sara spent a painful day having contractions that ultimately didn't do anything for her. I totally agree with her decision, and she feels comfortable with it.

She will not be put under general anesthesia, which has been a major concern all along because of past issues with Sara not handling that well. The medicine used is similar to, though not exactly like, an epidural. She will be numb from the mid-section down, and will remain fully conscious during the whole thing.

The c-section is scheduled for around noon today. There are a couple of scheduled c-sections this morning which is the only reason we have to wait until then. So Sara is currently reading a trashy romance novel and I am obviously updating the blog.

We'll keep you posted on any further developments. And hopefully sometime early this afternoon, I will be able to report to all of your that Sara is healthy and we have a beautiful, healthy baby.

Thanks for keeping Sara and the baby in your thoughts and prayers today.


Laura Ann said...

I will be praying for you guys and the medical professionals you will be encountering today during the C Section.

Please let her know my cousin Melissa had her twins yesterday, one was delivered and one was C Section.

Looking forward to hearing what the little one will be.

Will continue to lift you both in prayer through out the day. Praying for a safe C Section for Mommy and a very Healthy baby.

Adrienne said...

Can't wait to hear the happy news! I'm praying for a routine C sect and a happy and healthy baby and momma!

Spicy Magnolia said...

Oh, dear one, I am thinking of and praying for you today! May you continue to trust the Lord with yourself and Little One. What a journey you've been on! I can't wait to get some wonderful news!! :)

Tamara said...

Can't wait to hear more...thanks for keeping us so well-informed!