Monday, March 16, 2009

Doctor appointments

We had both a pediatrician and an obstetrician appointment this morning. Aaron is still progressing perfectly. No problems. The doctor wants us to be extremely conservative with him, though. The risk of him contracting a sickness in the first several weeks is high, so he told us to stay away from large groups of people for at least 8 weeks. This includes church, Wal-Mart trips, etc. He told us it was fine to take him for walks outside (i.e. open air environments). He also told us to limit the number of family/friends at any one visit to two or three. So we won't be making any trips for a while. As the doctor told us this morning, there is a season for everything, and this is his season to be at home and for us to be pretty conservative with his health and exposure.

Sara's appointment went well. She still has quite a bit of drainage on one side of her incision, so the doctor left in the staples on that side. The other side looks fine and those staples were removed. We are going back on Wednesday for another check and possible removal of the remaining staples. No signs of infection or anything to be concerned about, just need that area to finish draining and seal up a little better.

Aaron had a great night last night. He fed every three hours, and slept really well in between feedings. That meant that Sara and I slept really well between feedings, too! We feel good today.

Here are some more pictures:


Kelly said...

I'm in the same season with you.
It's really not bad......helps you to slow down and rest!
He is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Such cute pix of our little one! Love the outfit......looks familiar! Ha. Glad he can wear it before he becomes beefier from all that good milk he loves so much. We are sooo happy for the two of you and glad all is well. We only wish that we could be there to help out! If I only would have taken those flying lessons I wanted to take years ago!
Anyway, hope to see you in June when you are allowed out of the house! Ha.