Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Very Good Weekend

Despite my efforts, I was somewhat depressed after our doctor's appointment Friday. My husband, however, was bound and determined that we were going to enjoy our last childless weekend - and we did! It has been a wonderful weekend. Jory took off work early Friday and we took a walk. The weather has been beautiful here - 81 with a breeze. Then he grilled us dinner - my husband is a master of the grill - and dinner was SO good! We relaxed Friday night and then Saturday morning I got to laze around while Jory made an incredible breakfast. Then I got to go get a massage - how spoiled am I??? After that, we spent the afternoon in the Rose Garden in Tyler reading and then we rented a movie and relaxed again Saturday night. Today was church and since then he's been getting the yard ready for the guests that we are absolutely having this week. At least we know that we are having a baby this week!

The Baby Pool is down to the Final Four - though Erica Fisher's chances are fading fast (she has today) and that leaves Me, My Mom and a guy I work with. We'll see. I am still believing that Little One arrives before Wednesday. I still feel very good and really have been enjoying all of this time with my husband. Especially since I know that this week is going to be crazy! A beautiful, miraculous crazy, but crazy none the less.

I have been overwhelmed with encouragement and support since our appointment on Friday. All of our friends and relatives are so good to us and we are more grateful than we can express. And we covet each and every prayer that we know is going up for the safe and healthy delivery of Baby Allen. We know that all three of us are so loved and cared for and we thank you all!

This is a quilt that my boss's wife MADE us. It is folded in half, so you don't see how big it is and you can't touch it and feel the incredible fabrics she used, but believe me when I tell you that this is AMAZING. I can NOT believe she MADE this. It is thick and plush and definitely going to be a Tummy Time Favorite.

This is our Pack and Play complete with changing table, diaper stacker and sound soother. How awesome is this? My Dad and Sheri got this for us and we are in love with it. My Dad and Sheri, by the way, are coming into town tomorrow night, so best chances are they will be here when Little One arrives. That is a perk of Baby Allen's delayed arrival.

You will hear from us here as soon as anything changes. In the meantime, thank you all for your prayers. We love you!


Tamara said...

What a WONDERFUL weekend to remember! I can't wait to hear about the special delivery!

Flo said...

Enjoy these last precious days! You'll miss being pregnant... : ) I can't wait to see pics of the new one!!!!

Robyn Beele said...

I am glad you enjoyed your last childless weekend. I don't know if your pack and play vibrates, but Andrew loves it and puts him to sleep every time!

Jen said...

Ok, so Tuesday night is a full moon and a storm so I'm hoping that will send me into labor. If you go in to be induced that night (hopefully you'll go into labor today!), maybe that will make things move quicker. Either way, maybe we'll be there together!

I am so glad that you had a great weekend together. It's so weird thinking that this is the last weekend with just the two of you. We just keep thinking that, then it's not! :)

tara said...

i agree, enjoy this you will SO miss being pregnant! but i know too how much you are longing to see that precious face! Keeping you in our prayers! -tara