Tuesday, March 16, 2010

12 Month Appointment

These pictures are of Aaron playing with his daddy. They were taken about a couple of weeks ago.

Aaron and I just got back from Tyler. It was a great trip. We saw Dr. Everett for the last time, which was sad, but it was a very good visit.

Aaron is doing great! Dr. Everett was very impressed with some of the things that Aaron is doing. He also answered a lot of questions for me as we go into Aaron's second year. There were no concerns at all. Aaron is very tall for his age. He is almost 32 inches. That is very tall - above the 95th percentile. His weight is closer to average. He is about 22 pounds - the 40th percentile. It is funny looking when he is naked and all stretched out, though! :) Dr. Everett commented on how good Aaron's posture is. I love that because I don't have good posture and it really bothers me.

We spent a lot of time visiting the place where I used to work in Tyler and then we headed home. We stopped and ate lunch together and then Aaron slept the whole way back from Dallas. It was a great trip!

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B. Meandering said...

I've heard his laugh over the phone when Jory's playing with him--such a wonderful and infectious laugh. Now I have a picture to think of next time I hear it!
Glad the doc's appt. and drive there and back went well.
Tall, huh? Hmmm--a little Roy!