Friday, March 26, 2010

Some things I am excited about

And Aaron is too, can't you tell? This is the collage I made for his birthday party. We are going to hang it in his room. It has each of the monthly birthday pictures taken his first year. The big picture was taken the week of his birthday. I think it turned out cute.
This is the picture frame and matte that Grandma Beth sent him. It was signed by people at his birthday party. And isn't that picture a hoot? Kimmie took it. It has the monkey shirt that matches the frame and his 'Fun To Be 1' hat!

This is the book that I made the blog into. It came this week and it is super nice. It's a hard back book with high quality pages and binding. We were very pleased. Creating it was tedious and time consuming, so I really hoped it would be nice.

These are some sample pages from the blog book. And I get that I look like an obsessive First Time Parent right now, so don't think that I'm unaware. :)

As far as Mr. Aaron goes he had a very good day and he has been fever free for 24 hours. YAY. But, here's the thing. Even though he is absolutely not contagious and is free to be around other kids now, no Mama would let her baby near mine. This virus (it's called Rosella) ends in a rash that starts about 24 hours after the fever ends. It is not itchy or painful and there is nothing that has to be done for it. It goes away in 3-4 days. But the doctor warned me that it looks bad. She said, "If I don't tell you what this looks like you are going to call me and tell me your child has the measles." Well, I wouldn't have done that because I've never seen the measles, but I would have called her and told her he has chicken pox and I actually considered doing that several times today even though I knew this was going to happen. Oh, y'all, this child just looks pitiful. He doesn't know it, though, and he's just as carefree and fun-loving as can be!


Spicy Magnolia said...

What a nasty virus!! I am so glad he's feeling better though. What a week for you all. Poor little guy...and Momma. I love the picture frame you made, Sara! That turned out great. What special things you have, and the book, too!! Did you use Blurb? It is tedious, isn't it? But the finished product is a delight to have. I hope you have a great weekend!

bmeandering said...

I'm obviously glad he's better.

I think the framed pictures turned out beautifully and I love the pic for the matte!
I also think making a book of the blog is a sensible thing to do. You have all this information--by all means preserve it! Of course I'm big on stuff like that! :)

Melissa said...

Where did you have this made? I am starting to research having my blog printed but just have not found exactly what I want. It looks like it turned out great!!