Saturday, March 13, 2010

Party Decorations

We are all ready for Aaron's Party. Here is the entrance to our house when you walk up the stairs. The Monkey Balloon on the left is on Aaron's high chair. Jory picked out the invitations for Aaron's Party and they had monkeys on them, so we went with a Monkey Theme.

When you walk in, the kitchen is on your left and we decorated the bar with all of the Birthday Cards that Aaron has received.

Here is the living room on your right. On the coffee table are the two photo albums that have Aaron's pictures from his first year and one of his scrapbooks. The streamers hanging up have '1st' on them.

The treat table. The cake will actually go in the center (Kimmie is bringing it). What is there right now is a picture matte for guests to sign.

The snacks are banana runts, banana jelly beans and banana chips. They are in the cutest bowls that I found at the dollar store: a star, a heart and a circle. The pitcher will have punch in it and the boxes behind the pitcher are the goody bags.

Here is a close up of the picture on the table. It is each of Aaron's monthly birthday shots. The big picture space will be filled with a shot from today.

This is a 'Pin the Candle on the Cupcake' game. Aaron loves it! There is a big number one that we now have velcroed to the top of the cupcake. It's super cute.

If you like the decorations, you can thank my mom. My last decision regarding the party was 'Let's do a monkey theme'. As a birthday present to Aaron (and a big favor to me), she found all of the decorations online and had them shipped to me. It was a little overwhelming to plan the party during the move, so she handled it and that was so nice!

Below are some more 'First' streamers going back to the hallway. Jory hung all of the streamers and balloons. He's hung a few more balloons since I took these pictures, too.

Just WAIT until you see what the Birthday Boy is wearing today! It is just too cute for words! More to come.

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