Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feeling Better

Aaron's fever remained under control (around 101) most of the day. It did spike again around 4pm to almost 103, but medicine immediately brought it down and he has remained very cool. Thank God!

We saw the doctor today and I LOVED her. It was a very good visit. She said that Aaron was the fourth patient she saw today with the exact same thing - a very high fever and no other symptom. It is a virus that is going around and is nothing to worry about. She did want to see him, though, because his fever had hit 105. She needed to rule out a couple of other things that could cause such a spike. His exam was fine, though, and she said he would be fine very soon. His fever should be gone tomorrow. If, for some reason, he still had it on Saturday there would be something else going on and she would want to see him again (they are open on Saturday!), but she doesn't anticipate that and we should be good to go.
Of course, we can not go to Tyler tomorrow. I was looking so forward to seeing my friends and watching Aaron do an Easter Egg hunt with his friends! I was very sad when I realized the trip would be off. Aaron won't be allowed to be around other children until he is 24-hour fever-free. He also doesn't need to be in public places until his fever is gone because the Little Guy's immune system is suppressed when that fever is doing it's thing. Kimmie had originally planned to come visit Aaron tomorrow (she comes once a week to see him), but couldn't because we were going to be in Tyler. Since that's off she said she would come over. But, if he's still acting fine, I am going to take Aaron to her house tomorrow. It will get us both out of the house (it feels so much more cooped up when you can't at least walk outside to your backyard) without exposing Aaron to others or other kids to Aaron. Plus, Papa John will get to see Aaron this way, so it's bonus.

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