Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some Party Pictures

Here are some more pictures of the decorations. Aaron's Smash Cake was a miniature version of the Big Cake and it was SO cute!

Aaron wore a Mod Monkey T-Shirt from Grandma Beth that matched the decorations. I am not sure I got any good pictures of it in this batch, though.

Do you love this 'Fun to be 1' hat? This was a present to Aaron from Grandma Beth. He really liked it and I have a lot of pictures of him in it. He has been wearing it for a couple of days, but I wanted to wait until the party to put pictures of it on here.

Aaron got this Sock Monkey bib for Christmas, I thought it would be perfect for his Monkey Party!

This cake just stole my heart! Didn't Kimmie do a great job with the cake?

We had such a good time today. Jory and I really enjoyed the party. Aaron was a little confused, but he held up well. He sure was tired tonight, though!

He did a great job of tearing into his presents! I'll post more pictures tomorrow!


B. Meandering said...

Okay, I'm stoked that it all came out so well! Please tell Kimmie she took the Mod Monkey theme and did a fantastic job with the cake.
That cake pulled everything together. I was looking at the pictures you put on first and wondering if I should have ordered Mod Monkey cups, etc. (but the plates were dinner plates and the cups weren't all that special)instead of using the turquoise and yellow tableware that were shown with the Mod Monkey stuff. And then I thought "No, that would be too much." And yep, it would have. The cake was just what was needed and she had it designed just right. I also thought your snacks were really cool ideas for the theme. I'm so happy it all came together and you weren't stressed!
He looked adorable in that hat even if I did get it for him!

Thanks for getting pics on so quickly!

Rebekah said...

the monkey theme is too cute! i love the cake!