Monday, March 22, 2010

Week in Review

The last several days have flown by - I can't believe it is Monday already! The last time I posted was Wednesday. Aaron and I had a busy day that day. We went house hunting! We saw eight houses and Aaron was a perfect angel! I just couldn't believe how well he did getting in and out of the car and being drug to so many homes! He didn't complain once. And he tested the doors in each house for the Bye Bye Game! It was cute to see him scurry down a hallway looking for a door to shut on me! He also enjoyed checking out all of the backyards. That boy loves to be outside.
On Thursday I took Aaron to Kimmie and Papa John's for a 24-hour stay. Jory and I headed to Tyler and closed on our house - Thank you so much for your prayers, it is done! Aaron did awesome at his grandparents. He stayed on schedule and was a great eater and sleeper. And you could tell that he had so much fun!!!

Now, the rest of the weekend was a different story entirely. Aaron was very cranky all weekend and we had a very difficult time with naps. We are not sure whether he is 'off' because spending the night somewhere was out of the ordinary (it's been two months since he's been left over night and he really hasn't been babysat at all since we moved) and he's just trying to recover? Or if he's trying to give up his morning nap or he's teething or it's a developmental time or if it's just one of those things that happen with one year olds. In any case, the weekend was somewhat rough, but we're hoping for a great week.

On Saturday, we watched basketball and I have to say that we are in a pool of 27 brackets. Of those, only three people still have their Final Four in tact. I am one of them! Of course, my Final Four does not contain Duke or Kentucky, so it could fall apart very soon, but it feel good for now!

Yesterday we tried a new church and LOVED it. Aaron enjoyed it, as well. We are very excited about it and it was such a great start to the week. Yesterday, we also drove to Southlake and looked at two houses. We really, really liked one of them, so we will keep you posted. This week should be much quieter than last week and I will try to take lots of cute pictures. The picture above was taken by Kimmie. I love, love, love it!


Rebekah said...

Mr. Handsome! Aaron, you are too cute.
It is going to be another couple of weeks before we head to Dallas. My parents are coming in from Arkansas this week and we have lots of plans while they are here. But, Cilla and I are looking forward to seeing you guys in person soon!

Spicy Magnolia said...

Fun pictures, Sara! I really like the last one, too. What awesome news about your house in Tyler, the home you really like and a church! Major developments in the last week. I hope this week is a good with with Aaron's nap and demeanor as well. It's so hard and tricky to know what's up with them sometimes; some weeks are just off. But I hope it was just for the weekend. Love to you all and have fun house hunting!!