Friday, March 12, 2010

Aaron's Birthday

Aaron had such a fun day yesterday! Grandma Beth called at 7am to be the first to wish him Happy Birthday! Then Papa John came by and brought him these really cool golf clubs (we had to pry them out of his hands to put him to bed last night) and played with him until Papa had to go get on an airplane. Kimmie came by in the afternoon for a little bit to love on the Munchkin and Grandpa Tom called to tell him Happy Birthday. When he got the mail, Aaron had Three Packages, Two Cards and a Magazine (he got a very neat Baby Magazine Subscription from Grandma Beth for his birthday)! WOW. He also got SO many online well wishes. This is one loved kid!
Last night, Daddy and I took Aaron to dinner. He got his own meal and his own cup of milk. He learned to drink out of a straw a few weeks ago and he just loves them. He was very pleased with this one and we were very pleased with how much milk he drank!

We transitioned very easily to milk a week ago. Aaron likes it and we had no problems with the switch. We also weaned from bottles last week. That went very well and we were pleased because we didn't think he would give up his bottles. No problems, though! He mostly drinks from regular cups - he doesn't like Sippy Cups much. So I help him quite a bit, but he does very well with it.

We have a few errands to run for tomorrow's party, but we'll mostly just be here playing with all of our new toys and reading our new books. We LOVE books. We read them by ourselves, though. Please don't put Aaron in your lap and try to read to him. I mean, you can, it's fun to watch...hopefully we are not too far away from nightly Story Time, but we aren't there yet.

Have a fabulous weekend! We plan to!

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